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About Softstuff

Softstuff Consulting Ltd is the trading name of Ian Blair a developer/consultant with over 25 years experience in CRM starting with GoldMine, and then over 10 years experience with Dynamics 365, or as it was known way back in the mists of time Microsoft CRM 4.0.

During that time I have worked on projects large and small, for multi-nationals and one man bands across lots of industry sectors, designing systems, developing and building additional functionality in the form of plugins and workflows, adding screens, or integrations to third party systems.

I fluently speak C#, SQL in various flavours, HTML, XML, JavaScript, and there are other languages I am a little rusty in. Hosting code locally, or in Azure or Amazon S3 is not a problem either as I am fully conversant with a variety of cloud technologies.


Softstuff Consulting can build bespoke

  • Plugins

  • Workflow Plugins

  • Azure Hosted Extensions

  • Custom Webresources

  • Data Integrations

  • 3rd Party Integrations

  • Custom Applications

Or provide short term resourcing for a day, a week, a project or even something larger

  • Configuration Services

  • Design Services

  • Administration Services

  • Integration Development

  • GDPR Data Management

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