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Changing the colour of a windows title bar in a universal application

By default when creating a blank Universal Windows application the basic window style is a white title bar on a white window.

By adding a few lines in the OnLaunched function the title bar can be coloured easily.

protected override void OnLaunched(LaunchActivatedEventArgs e)
            var appView = Windows.UI.ViewManagement.ApplicationView.GetForCurrentView();
            appView.TitleBar.BackgroundColor = Colors.LightBlue;
            appView.TitleBar.ButtonBackgroundColor = Colors.LightBlue;
            appView.TitleBar.ForegroundColor = Colors.White;
            appView.TitleBar.ButtonForegroundColor = Colors.White;
            appView.Title = "Title Text";


The example above will show a Light blue title bar with White text.